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E-Business Website Comparison

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Go the the websites of two companies in the same industry. Compare the benefits and resources for each company. Are the similar? What has each company doe to distinguish itself from its competitors? Which company do you think will ultimately win in the industry? Why?

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***Example One*** - Monster vs. CareerBuilder


Example - While the larger career sites tend to have a higher composition of exclusive users, there is limited cross-visitation especially among the top three domains (Hotjobs, Monster and Jobsonline).

Among visitors to Hotjobs.com, 23 percent visited Monster.com and only 10 percent visited Jobsonline.com.

Among visitors to Monster.com, 29 percent visited Hotjobs.com and only 8 percent visited Jobsonline.com. ...

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300+ word attachment compares the business websites of 2 companies in the same industry to predict which will outlast the other.

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