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    Creating a free website for e-commerce and profiting from it

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    For an e-commerce class, research how to start a website for free and to create a profit from it. Search for possible sites, find several possibilities and evaluate and decide which might be the best fit and explain why.

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    There are many free websites that you could use: www.yola.com, wix.com, webs.com, weebly.com, and google.com. They typically use a series of templates that you can choose from, select the layout, what items you want on the site, etc. I have tried google.com but found weebly.com to be very good, and easy to use. The problem with weebly.com is that with the free option you wind up not getting as many bells and whistles as you would typically like, plus a ...

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    This solution outlines how to create a free website for e-commerce and create a profit from it. It includes possible sites, examples, and links.