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    E-commerce : Business Plan

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    Assume you are going to start a simple e-business from scratch, using no existing equipment or materials. Briefly describe the business, and then do a rough calculation of startup costs, . Research costs that is realistic for the area . Be generous in your estimates and avoid cutting corners on any expenses.
    Publicly held e-commerce companies (Yahoo.com, for example) must publish financial statements with their annual reports, which are available online. Access a recent annual report for one of these companies and review the balance sheet. List which company and record amounts for the following: current assets, total assets, current liability, total liability, and owner's equity. Prove that the balance sheet balances by applying the appropriate equation which can be found in our text. (BTW it is not necessary to copy the entire financial statements of your selected company into your paper, just use the requested data elements - current assets etc. - to prove the balance sheets are in fact in balance)

    Response should be no less than 2-3 pages in APA format

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    // In the following paragraphs, there will be discussion over start up cost of a company namely Iconic Handicraft Inc in New York in terms of equipment, network, and working capital needs. There will also be discussion over market research cost and advertisement cost for maximizing profitability of the company. //

    The business plan is related to the establishment online handicraft items ranging between $50 and $2000 in New York, USA. The name of the company is Iconic Handicraft Inc. The company will sell its products online and offline in order to take advantage of home market and outside market. The company needs to take a shop at rent without investing into the building a shop or buying shop because it needs lot of funds that is not reasonable at initial stage. The location of the shop is selected from competitors' point of view that means in the location shop there is no such business in this area. It provides the shop benefit to sell its product more in case of offline business (Williams, 2002).

    The business needs furniture and fixtures with showcase that entails around $40000 in order ...

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