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Noncompliance with federal laws, diversity in workplace

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You are in a manager's meeting talking about hiring. One of the managers says that he wants to hire an older person because he thinks an older person will do a better job. In addition, he wants someone from an affluent, primarily Caucasian area. You need to explain to him that his request could lead down a trail of being noncompliant with the federal laws. In addition, you want to express that diversity is good practice that leads to a rich workforce and, typically, leads companies to expand into diverse markets.

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There is the notion of equal employment opportunity commission (http://www.eeoc.gov/) which is founded on the principle that everyone should have equal chance of being hired for a job, regardless of their age, gender, skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearances, if they are pregnant... This is a commission that was popularized by the fact that some managers think like the manager in this case, and have a ...

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The solution examines noncompliance with federal laws and diversity in the workplace.

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