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    HR recruiting strategies for diversity.

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    Reflect upon what strategies human resource professionals in the public sector could undertake to greater diversify the workforce. In particular, you may wish to focus on the following questions:
    1)What strategies are currently being used?
    2)What strategies are not working, or that need significant reforms?
    3)What ways, if any, could human resource professionals reach their target audience in unconventional ways?
    4) What steps, if any, could human resource professionals enact to not only recruit diverse workers, but to retain them in the workforce?

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    The recruitment process that HR professionals follow when seeking to hire outside the company in order to fill a position is basic. First the vacancy is identified. Then the HR professional will develop a job description if there isn't one already, or update the current description if changes need to be made. A recruitment plan will be developed. The recruitment plan will include a number of characteristics that the position candidate is expected to posses. It will also state if the publication will be local or national depending on the level of position that is open. The recruitment plan will have a list of where the job listing will be advertised to attract the candidates. As well as some standards that are necessary to help create a short list for the ...

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    HR recruiting process and how to diversify.