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Diversity and Motivation

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Identify the diversity that is seen in your retailer(s). How can these initiatives benefit the company? What challenges might this diversity create for the manager?

Do you see evidence of a team approach being used in the retailer(s)? If so, identify the types of teams and describe the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. If not, identify the type(s) of team(s) you would suggest, and explain the benefits and drawbacks if they were to implement your suggestion(s).

Considering teamwork in question two, explain how the manager of this retail store can best motivate the various teams. Will one approach be best for all teams? Explain your answer, considering the various motivational theories.

Part Two:

Your friend Julie is a senior accountant with a prestigious firm in the big city, and her husband Jack is an attorney with a practice in the same city. Jack has recently been informed that the firm is opening a new office in another state, and he is going to be transferred there as the managing partner. Julie loves her job, and does not want to leave; however, this is a big opportunity for Jack and she feels that she may have to resign and start all over in another state. She has informed her employer of the decision she is faced with, and has been called to the office today to discuss it. If you were Julie's employer, how could alternative work arrangements benefit you in retaining Julie, a valued employee? What might be the drawbacks to such an arrangement?

Part Three:

You are the manager of a large unionized manufacturing plant in a small town, the only major employer in the area. You have recently been informed that the plant will be closing, and the work will be outsourced offshore. The arrangements for the closing will not be completed for at least six months, so you are not in a position to inform the employees of the closing yet (but they will certainly find out, through the grapevine). What motivational, legal and ethical issues do you face? How would you approach these issues, and why?

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This solution discusses diversity and human resource policies with reference to Wal-Mart and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Two-Factor Theory. Part two of this solution discusses work-from-home options and part 3 discusses outsourcing stakeholders and issues. This solution is approximately 3000 words with 16 references.

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Prepare a paper in which you select four types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list below and examine the impact of each on individual behavior:
a. Ethnicity
b. Gender
c. Age
d. Socioeconomic Status
e. Sexual orientation (affinity)
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g. Geographical differences (rural versus urban; inner city versus suburban)
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