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    "Trust" as Defined by a Marketer & Consumer

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    I need a 500 Word Essay Article 24 based on the attached reading on what does "Trust" mean to you as a Marketer? As a consumer? Please give examples of companies you trust and don't trust based on your experience in the marketplace.

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    Trust plays a fundamental role in market relationships. For the marketer, 'trust' is essential in everything that they do. Marketers understand that consumers need to feel trust the brand that they are selling. Brands also need to show that they can be trusted. The challenge for the marketers is to be able to maintain and reflect consistency in brand trust. They believe that if the brands succeed in earning and eventually securing consumer trust it will reap their consumers' loyalty. Marketers understand the need to maintain trust of the consumers by ascertaining that their brand is trustworthy not only few months ago but also presently since what may necessarily be good before may not be effective now. The marketer's trust-building solution may turn out to be radically new approach. Sometimes the product or service may be altered just to change the brand's image.

    For the consumer, 'trust' means being able to prove the product or service as ...

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    The solution is composed of at least 500 word essay on the meaning of "trust" as a marketer and as a consumer. Examples and references are included.