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Customer Service

Briefly describe: What can a company do to acquire and retain new customers? If a company has established a corporate or organizational goal to establish and maintain customer focus, how might customer relationship strategies be established and executed?

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//Before writing about the acquiring and retaining strategies for new customers, we have to understand the definition and importance of customers. It will assist in understanding the strategies for acquiring and retaining the customers from the market. So, firstly, we will discuss about the importance of customers under the heading Introduction, for example: //


Customer could be defined as an individual human being who buys services and goods of the companies generated within his economic level. In any organization, customers are the main target of the company because without the customers the company has no existence in the market. In this changing, competitive and innovative environment, needs, demands and satisfaction level of the customers are varied due to the difference in the life style, age, economic level, etc. (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2007). In order to achieve the goals and targets of any company, the customer base of the company should be strong.

//As per the directions, we will discuss about establishing and maintaining customer relationship strategies for acquiring and retaining more and more customers. It will assist in understanding the Company's strategy for attaining the specified growth level in the market.//

Customers are the main focus of each company to achieve the specific growth level. There are some ways through which the company could successfully ...

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