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Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

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What ethical issues related to marketing do corporations face today?

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The solution discusses the ethical issues related to marketing and corporate social responsibility.

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Companies face ethical issues that deal with social responsibility, regional sensitivities, as well as ethnic and social issues particular to an area. A business needs to have awareness of these issues if they want to be viewed as responsible and ethical. There are many examples of this in modern advertising. The Kraft Corporation gained a lot of negative publicity for advertising its high fat products to minors. Minors are seen as a vulnerable group that does not have the full ability to make rational decisions. Attempts to mislead one's thinking via subliminal advertising can also be seen as unethical. The 2000 Presidential campaign between George Bush and Al Gore featured an ad that kept flashing the word RATS when Al Gore's prescription medicine campaign was mentioned. Companies via their advertising avenues face issues that affect the credibility of their products when they don't abide by a set of ethical ...

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