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How would you handle this conflict situation if you were Annie.

Your name is Annie and you are a product development manager for As you were eating lunch today in your cubicle, Laura, a software project manager with an office nearby, asked if she could talk to you for a few minutes. You barely know Laura and you have heard both good and bad things about her work habits. Although your mind was more on how to meet Friday's deadline than on lunch, you waved her in.
She proceeded to pour out her woes about how she is having an impossible time partnering with Hans on a new special project. He is regarded as a top-notch software project manager, but Laura has found him to be ill-tempered and uncooperative. Laura thought you and Hans were friends because she has seen the two of you talking in the cafeteria and parking lot. You told Laura you have a good working relationship with Hans, but he's not really a friend. Still, Laura pressed on. Would you straighten Hans out for me?" she asked. "We've got to get moving on this special project."
"Why this?" "Why now?" "Why me?!!" you thought as your eyes left Laura and drifted back to your desk.

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First, I would talk to Laura again. I would take the time (even though I may not want to) in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation with everyone involved. I would listen to her and make suggestions as far as what she can do to change the situation. Sometimes some good advice will go a long ...

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