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Conflict resolution choices

Attached is a file which includes a case study. From that case study, a 300-word analysis of three conflict resolution intervention strategies (all outlined and defined in the attachment) needs to be analyzed in terms of the case study and how each could be implemented with the scenario. More details can be located in the attachment...


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First let me clarify that process consulation is known in the ADR field as process mediation and the mediation described in the scenario is probably more in line with transformational mediation which seeks to preserve the relationship. That said, I find it would be easier to address the three from this perspective. I am a Dr. of Conflict Analysis and Resolution with hours of performing and teaching mediation, negotiation, and facilitation.

Mediation is an excellent way to help because it addresses the perspectives and working solutions that would work best for the parties. In this case there are some ...

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A discussion on what would be the choices for conflict resolution based upon a case study.