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conflict in organizations

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Use the Thomas Kilman Model (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument ) and Runde & Flanaganâ??s framework (Runde, C. & Flanagan, T. (2008). Building Conflict Competent Teams. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.). Example below:

Describe observations and perceptions of conflict occurring at DELTA AIRLINES.

Analysis. Use any theories and models learned in class that lead to an understanding of the behavioral and psychological dynamics of the situation. Wear "Behavioral scientist" hat.

Intervention. Describe how you would use this analysis to create a plan to help the individuals, group, and organization understand each other and develop productive relationships. Specifically, how would you intervene with each to develop their conflict management. Be sure to identify impediments to a successful conflict management intervention.

Implications: Comment on what you personally have learned from studying conflict in your work environment. Specify what lessons you have learned and how these can inspire creative solutions to problems, provide the foundation for stronger relationships, and result in confident, more capable, and highly productive teams. Lastly, address how the culture will help or impede conflict management awareness.

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The Delta Airlines case

Delta Airlines, was loosing hundreds of millions of dollars per year in the mid 1990s, so to stem the rising tide of red ink, Allen the CEO embarked on a program of drastic cost-cutting that included firing thousands of long-term Delta employees. The results were predictable: Employee morale crashed, and customer complaints rose to record levels. Allen's response was, to say the least, insensitive. In a widely publicized interview, he acknowledged hhis actions had upset many employees, and then he added theses words "so be it".
Although both employees and CEO have the interest of the company at heart, they saw Allens comments as 'fighting words'. Suddenly" so be it" buttons appeared on the chests of pilots, flight attendants and mechanics, as a sign of protest.
Allen's cost cutting measures ultimately succeeded in pulling Delta out of its fianancial woes, but in the eyes of Delta's board of directors, the price was too high. They saw Delta's reputation for superb customer service getting trashed and a ...

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Analysis of conflict in an organization. The case of delta airlines.

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