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    Why might there be high potential for conflict in relationships such as the one enjoyed by Ford-Mazda? (5 different arguments)

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    The book is : organisational behaviour and management , seventh edition for lvancevich/konoposke/matteson .

    small case in chapter 11 , only one page of case study.

    name of chapter is : managing conflicts and negotiations.

    very small case and 3 questions.

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    CASE 4. Conflicts and negociation: A Successful Partnership at Ford-Mazda

    1. Why might there be high potential for conflict in relationships such as the one enjoyed by Ford-Mazda? /5 different arguments

    The first potential cause for conflict in a partnership like Ford-Mazda is the natural need to want to explain our side first. After all, one side would reason, if they understood our perspective, they will come to the same conclusions we did. This is buttressed by self-esteem. There are several conflicts over specific projects and each side would try to convince the other side that it was correct.
    .2.The second potential cause of conflict between Ford-Mazda is that the company and its managers may be ineffective listeners. They would not be willing to understand the other company's perspective. There have been trade disputes between the USA and Japan and there have been allegations that companies like Mazda have indulged in dumping. It takes more skill, effort and commitment--and, at least in the short run, more stress--to face the challenge together with the other company involved in the dispute.

    3.The third reason for a confict in a relationship between Ford-Mazda is that the companies work on 10 different models at the same time. The tension levels are high and each conflict may have the potential to damage the relationship. The difference between a conflict situation and entering a negotiation, is that the tension levels are already high when in conflict and relationships may have already been damaged. There is fear in a relationship between Ford and Mazda. Fear that one company will not get its way. Fear of losing something it cherishes. Fear it will be made to look foolish or lose face. Fear of the truth ... that one company may be wrong.
    In a relationship like Ford-Mazda there can be conflicts when new operations are to set up. There can be a conflict with regards to the setting up of a facility in Thailand. It is common in such situations that both parties see themselves as 'right', and want to prove their 'rightness' to each other. In this sense every negotiation has potential for conflict.
    In situations where joint ventures like Ford-Mazda don't make large profits there is an assumption that one of us has to lose if the other is going to win: that differences can only be solved competitively. If both parties maintain their position of 'rightness', there is little opportunity for resolution or for either party to achieve their desired outcomes. Relationships may be irretrievably damaged and neither party wins.

    2. Q What means/techniques of managing group conflict, as discussed in Chapter 11, are utilized in the Ford-Mazda partnership? /7 ...

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