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Conflict Resolution and Values

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Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions:

1.Give four brief, well-written paragraphs on the effects of cooperation, competition, justice and conflict.

2.Give a conflict situation and deliberate on each of these five values:
1) reciprocity
2) human equality
3) shared community
4) fallibility
5) nonviolence
Relate to these values to the situation. Does this help make sense of the conflict? Why or why not? How is the concept of justice linked to the situation?

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Cooperation has a very positive affect on conflict resolution, due to the fact that a conflict cannot be effectively resolved without a level of cooperation between the opposing parties. In addition, cooperation between the opposing parties will also help to resolve the conflict in a more expeditious manner than would be possible without cooperation between these individuals.

Competition is usually one of the predominant causes of most conflicts, and due to this fact competition may make the conflict resolution process more difficult than it normally would be. In addition, a reduction in the level of competition between the opposing parties in a conflict, will make it possible to resolve the conflict in a manner that is acceptable to both parties in most cases.

Justice also has an important effect on conflict or conflict resolution, due to the fact that many conflicts arise due to the perception by one or more of the opposing parties that they have suffered some form of injustice. One of the best ways to prevent and resolve conflicts is to assure that all parties involved are treated with justice and equity.

Conflict can have ...

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