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Web 3.0: Competitive Advantage

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Assist in giving a specific examples of how Web 3.0 helps a business gain a competitive advantage.

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Web 3.0 helps a business gain a competitive advantage through its use of semantic technology, combining information from multiple sources on the web in real time. It helps identify needs. For instance, Amazon uses Web 3.0 to allow consumers to log in, purchase books, movies, or music and down load it onto their computer and phone with one click. Amazon's Kindle allows consumers to find, buy and read books instantly with wireless access. Web 3.0 allows Amazon to have a robust website that stores consumer's past shopping history, records reviews, and gives suggestions for like items based upon other consumers purchases. Users are encouraged to give feedback, download music and movie and store them on their Amazon Cloud account. Consumers can self-publish a book and even sell their own products on Amazon. Amazon has multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, that link into a central account, allowing the company to use "multiple social media accounts for different services.... (then) push specific content out to each channel" (Nagy, 2012). This allows the company to give users the information they want about the service they use in real time. Even the home ...

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This detailed solution discusses specific examples of how Web 3.0 helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. Includes APA formatted references.

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