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Web 3.0

What if I said that Virtual Teams are old news and that Web 3.0 a.k.a. Semantic Web is the next thing that is going to change how we complete work related task...quickly research Web 3.0 and formulate an opinion / idea on how Web 3.0 might change the way we work...also, if you come across some other Information Technology that you find valuable share it..

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Web 3.0, or The Semantic Web, is gradually becoming a force in today's Internet use. What is Web 3.0? Web 3.0 is essentially a more personalized experience using the Internet in which the Internet gathers data from each time I use it, and "remembers" and "analyzes" that data to be applied to my requests and interests. It will act as a personal assistant. Amazon is already using some of its features. I have bought products through Amazon previously, and each time I log in, not only does it greet me by name, it recommends products similar to those I have purchased in the past. It suggests other books from the same author I just bought from.

Right now, if I need some information, I need to search on Google or other search engines, and depending how good I am with search skills, I may get my information quicker and better, or not. Web 3.0 will do that work for me. I will enter in a search phrase or a question, and it will offer me the best answers based on past searches, and past information it has "learned" about me. Now, for example if I search using the word ...

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This solution provides a definition and examples of Web 3.0, and discusses some of the ways it might change the way we work in virtual teams and the way we work in general.