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International compensation

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Understanding international compensation begins with the recognition of differences and similarities, along with figuring out how to best manage them. How people get paid around the world depends on variations. There are five contextual factors believed to be relevant in international compensation. Identify and discuss these factors and variations

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This response discusses the factors affecting international compensation with examples.

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Compensation Plan for International Personnel

Due to the increased globalization of your business, management has asked you to design a compensation program for international personnel. Individuals will be coming to the United States and traveling from the United States to other countries.

Write a paper describing in detail the most important elements of the compensation and benefit programs for individuals moving "in either direction." Explain in detail some of the challenging issues and prospects of doing business abroad. Issues will include dealing with international travel, cultural issues, currency fluctuation, and global unrest. Prepare a series of options for management to consider, including a final recommendation for a plan. Feel free to choose the international countries in which the organization operates.

Using at least seven (7) scholarly resources.

Using current APA standards.

Length: 13-15 pages

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