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    Potential compensation

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    Identify and discuss potential compensation components offered to an employee of a US business who is being given the opportunity to take a job at a foreign work site. APA format.

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    // In this paper, we will write about the potential compensation components for an employee from the USA who works outside his country. The discussion will also focus on the prospective compensation components. In this context, the prospective components of compensation for a US employee in an outside country environment will be discussed.//

    Components of Compensation

    An employee joins an organization for a bright career and future which is formed by an effective compensation. A potential compensation should be appropriate and aligned with the job description of an employee. Primarily, the components of compensation include guaranteed pay, variable pay, monetary or non monetary benefits or rewards and equity based compensation.

    In a globally competitive ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 489 words with references.