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    Three change models compared and contrasted

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    Compare and contrast three change models, and evaluate their potential for success in your organization.

    Comparing and contrasting developmental, transitional, and transformational change.

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    Developmental change occurs when society is motivated to improve lives. Through the creation of new technologies and innovations, that better day-to-day living or curing diseases implements developmental change (Robinson, 2008). Over the years, I have found that developmental change is evident in our home schooling curriculum delivery and design. As more children are entering the schooling age in our home we have had to adapt our delivery and curriculum to accommodate more and more students being taught at different levels at one time. These changes make our life easier and our teaching more efficient. While this change model is necessary to keep up with current technology and the ever-changing world, the developmental model implemented with children is useful because children do ...

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    Working with three change models and evaluating each model's potential success. Working with developmental, transactional, and transformational change.