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    vision, mission, set of values, and stated goals/objecti

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    Most companies have something that resembles a vision, mission, set of values, and or stated goals/objectives that define who the company is and how they do business. However, they may not always label these statements properly - calling a vision a mission or values a set of beliefs. Sometimes, they do not have a mission at all, operating instead on a set of goals.

    After studying the materials, you are in an excellent position to evaluate a company's published mission, vision, values, and objectives/goals. This case asks you to begin your strategic analysis of California Pizza Kitchen by evaluating their mission, vision, values and goals. To do this, follow the following procedure:

    Step 1: Visit Claifornia Pizza Kitchen's (CPK) official company website and identify their vision, mission, values, and goals. (Hint: Click on the "investor relations" link".) Be sure to look at the most recent annual report.

    Step 2: Critically evaluate these elements. Use the criteria in the background materials as well as the readings for the SLP to support your assessment of the quality of the vision, mission, values and goals.

    Step 3: Determine which (if any) of the elements consider the goals and needs of specific stakeholder groups. Write down any examples.

    Step 4: Consider what changes are needed to improve the vision and mission statements, statement of values, and statement of objectives/goals.

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    Step 1.
    California Pizza Kitchen does not give a mission statement, goals or values. The investor relations however, says that California Pizza Kitchen intends to become the leaders in authentic California style cuisine and be known for its innovative menu items. The investor relations page promises that the California Pizza Kitchen will provide California style cuisine, dishes, and will range from hearth-baked pizzas, salads, pasta, soups and sandwiches. Even though there is no explicit vision, it appears from different excerpts on the website that there is a vision of creating a global brand of California Pizza. The examination of the California Pizza Kitchen website shows that California Pizza Kitchen provides respect for both its employee and the community. Further, it seeks to create opportunities for its employees. It has a healthy respect for the community. Finally, it shows kindness to the community by making charitable contribution. It appears that one of its objectives is to hire excellent employees, provide them with good incentives and retain them (Armstrong. J 2006), .

    Step 2
    Critically evaluating these elements we find that the first drawback of California Pizza Kitchen is that it does not explicitly lay down its mission statement, vision, values or objectives. Once these are clearly spelled out and communicated to the stakeholders. These ...

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