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    Typing Skills

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    Try to persuade someone in 750 words why typing is a skill that they should learn and master. And all of the benefits that being able to type will give you.

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    Typing is a skill everyone should learn. Without typing, one cannot text, surf the internet, send an email or apply for a job online. A person needs to learn how to type to be marketable in the workforce. The majority of all jobs today adhere to some sort of typing skill needed.
    To work in broadcasting, the employee must know how to type. Why? The anchors read off of a teleprompter. Someone has to type the stories into the teleprompter. To work in the control room of a broadcasting company, the employee must know how to type, as this employee is the one who uses the controls to broadcast the news program.
    Another plus in knowing how to type is career advancement. It may sound senseless, but if a prospective employee was interested in law and wanted courtroom experience, the employee could work as a court clerk. The court clerk must know how to type, as the court clerk is the officer of the court that takes the minutes of the hearings. These minutes become official court records and must be typewritten. The minutes cannot be handwritten. Being a court clerk is a government job that ...

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