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    Computer skills as an academic requirement?

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    What argument could you make for or against computer technology and skills as a new basic or fourth R?

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    There are many arguments both for and against using technology in the classroom. Computers are prevalent in this modern society in which we and our students live, and we do them a serious disservice when we choose not to take advantage of an available tool which can help students to produce more and better work.

    Research shows that students who learn a new computer skill, even one as simple as keyboarding (typing) involves a serious time investment in the learning curve required before the new skill is mastered to the point that it begins to pay dividends in saved time for the student. Any teacher in a modern classroom is already pressed for time in trying to cover all of the curriculum content that is mandated by the national ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of reasons for and against requiring basic technology/computer skills as an academic requirement.