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    Substitute GMAT

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    In a short statement of 250‐500 words, please explain why you are requesting a substitution of the GMAT. (University of Phoenix)

    • Indicate any previous graduate academic experience (B.A in Business Administration)
    • Summarize your professional experience including your current role and professional duties
    • Be specific and detailed in your request

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    I am requesting a substitution of the GMAT exam because of several reasons. Some of the main sections have multiple choice tests. These are tests for lower order skills. They do not test higher order reasoning or problem solving skills. Further, any ambiguity in interpreting a question can lead to an incorrect response. Often the answers are guessed because the responder in GMAT does not have to present an argument for multiple choices.
    Why I am requesting a substitution of the GMAT is that it tests literary skills. Just reading the questions carefully can give clues to what the answer is. Unprepared students get an opportunity to guess during the exam (1). In addition, the students are exposed to misinformation that may adversely affect subsequent thinking. The quality of GMAT questions varies, possibly ...

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