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    Organization's Training and Development Needs for Its Employees

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    Every organization is faced with many training and development needs for its employees. Making sure that the best training and development activities are done requires first conducting a thorough needs assessment. KASO's (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics - e.g., motives, traits, attitudes, personality characteristics) necessary for successful job performance.

    Question: Evaluate how your organization determines training and developmental needs by looking at the five ways listed below. Does your organization have an effective process for determining needs? Which ones (listed above) are used and which ones should your organization use better or more effectively?

    There are several ways an organization can obtain information on developmental needs:

    Requirements - legal, organization

    Performance Problems - does employee lack the KSAO to do the job

    Business Review - future needs based on changes (technology, customer requirements) or direction for business

    Observable Job Skills - through watching others determine KSAO needed for a job
    Surveys and Interviews - used to determine gaps in KSAO's between what already exists and what is needed

    Response discusses a drafting firm that creates plans for residential housing.

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    I worked for a drafting firm that creates plans for residential housing. Working under contract for an engineer, the company could also work on commercial projects.

    1. Legally the owner had to have engineering or architectural degree or one of the parties involved in creating the plans must have the degree for commercial work. Drafting personnel had to have certifications in at least one area, mechanical, plumbing, framing, electrical, or roofing. All of these were used in hiring new employees and skills ...

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