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    The 3 Golden Rules of Communicating by Email

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    - List and explain your "3 Golden Rules" regarding email in a professional context.
    - What specific components would you caution your subordinates to avoid in their own email communication?
    - How would your answers for Items 1 & 2 differ if the context was graduate school or personal context? Explain your position.

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    A.) My three Golden Rules regarding email in a professional contact would be:

    1. Make sure I have no spelling errors: Avoiding spelling errors in important because it shows the recipient that the writer is educated about the subject and also has respect for the recipient to ensure the best communication by taking the time out to spell words correctly.

    2. Make sure I inform the recipient that the email is coming: In my opinion, it's common curtesy to inform a recipient of a very important email being sent. This way, the recipient is not caught off guard and it demonstrates that the writer has respect for the recipients time.

    3. Make sure the subject line is appropriate for the content shared within the email: The subject line is very important when sending emails because based on how you word the subject line, the recipient can make a quick determination to whether or not he or she will actually read the email or not.

    B.) I would caution my subordinates to avoid using jargon, slang words, and to always check spelling and grammar. Also, whatever information that is shared in the email should be factual, easy to read, and beneficial to the company.

    C.) If the context was graduate school, I still believe the information shared should avoid spelling errors, jargon, slang because at the graduate school level a student should continue to display a scholarly writing style. In addition, the student should make sure the email reflects the APA or MLA style of writing and to use proper citing should the student use any outside references to prove a point within the content area.

    As for writing an email on a personal note, it's still doesn't hurt to practice writing correctly. The whole purpose of writing an email or paper is communicate. Therefore, whomever is writing the email, must be mindful that he or she needs to word their message in such a way that is easy for the recipient to understand exactly what is being communicated.

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