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    Step 1 Changing Mental Models - P&G

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    Identify and explain Step 1 in changing the mental models/mindsets and how it can help P&G.

    The first step is really to acknowledge that you are in need of a change.

    200 words.

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    P&G is a great American company with products that one can find tucked into nearly every kitchen cabinet or under the bathroom sinks in the U.S. However, it has stopped growing and revenues have flattened out. Some of its famous brands have lost market share for years. Since its brands have been dominant in the market for so long, they slowly erode till they get to the point that they are no longer great. In May 1997, P&G has promised Wall Street that it will double sales to $70 billion by 2006 and Duck Jager, then CEO, intended to make it happen. He initiated that if they innovate well, ...

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    The solution identifies and explains step 1 in changing mental models/mindsets and how it can help Procter & Gamble (P&G). References included.