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    Southwest Airlines Case Scenario

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    Case Analysis Report Format

    The format of the case analysis report should roughly follow the following:

    1. Description of the firm

    ? Brief history
    ? Critical strategic events
    ? Competitors
    ? Leadership etc.
    ? This section should be limited to no more than five pages

    2. The strategic analysis of the firm

    This is where each strategic analytical tool and its results are demonstrated and the implications of the results discussed.

    3. The final strategic assessment

    This section needs to integrate the findings from all of the analytical exercises employed in section 2.

    This section is where a final and all-encompassing analysis is presented, along with the recommendations that you would make the firm's board of directors.

    As you have already gathered, these will be long and detail-oriented papers. Each analytical tool's results must be interpreted and those findings explained in terms of the firm's strategies. Consequently, there are no traditional examinations. The specific cases to be analyzed this term can be found in the Weekly Planner.

    When you are asked to write a 3 year strategy;

    ? Use bold and underline Strategy with year, example

    Extend product to foreign markets- year 1
    This is where you write your strategy in great details with a reference to where you are taking information. This history is written at the start of the report. Keep the history to a just the facts type of summary. The details need to be here with the new plan. Include charts, matrix etc to make the plan visual.

    I am attaching the case.

    Thank you

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