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    Public Relations and Niche Publicity

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    PART A
    Locate a blog pertaining to public relations and marketing. Review the bloggers comments as well as those posted by others. Write a review of the blog and explain whether you think the blog is an effective publicity and/or public relations tool for the organization.

    PART B
    Read the article "Understanding Niche Publicity" at http://www.websitemarketingplan.com/pr/NichePublicity.htm/ or websitemarketingplan.com and then identify an opportunity for niche publicity for the organization that you work for. Do you think your organization has ever taken advantage of this type of publicity? Why?

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    I located the blog, 6 A.M., after searching Google for the "best public relations and marketing blogs." 6 A.M. was consistently mentioned as a favorite, in particular by Cision (2013), a public relation service that works to support the industry. 6 A.M. is hosted by Edelman, the "world's largest public relations film" (Edelman, 2013). The blog, 6 A.M., focuses on trends and issues in communication as well as serving as a platform to distribute the knowledge of the firm's founder, Richard Edleman. In addition, the blog serves as a way to engage Edelman's employees, distribute news, attract and retain clients.
    The blog posts are eloquently written, as one would expect of a man who has been in public relations and marketing for over three decades. Edelman runs a global company, with 68 offices scattered across the world. He writes about issues impacting the world at large: a need for greater transparency within businesses and companies, reviews of the World Economic Forum annual meeting, In each post, Edelman works to interject information about a creative public relation campaign. Edelman actually does an amazing job. In a recent post, "The Jimmy Fund and the Campaign to Fight Cancer (2013)" Edelman ties in a book he has just finished, The Emperor of All Maladies; A Biography of Cancer, with a PR stunt the Edelman company performed to raise money for the Children's Hospital in Boston. Similar to the examples we have reviewed by Edward Bernays, the firm created an event as well as a foundation, the Children's Cancer Research Fund, to bring ...

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    This solution locates a blog pertaining to public relations and gives a review on the blog. It also reviews the article "Understanding Niche Publicity" and identifies and opportunity for niche publicity for a firm. Includes APA formatted references.