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Personal Assessment Tip Sheet

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Tip Sheet Preparation

I just need assistance putting this together this makes no sense to me at all. I am not asking for the assignment to be done or the essay. You helped me with the first part know I just need assistance putting it together

• List what you do poorly
• Provide suggestions for how to improve
• List words frequently misspelled
• Identify grammatical issues you encounter frequently
• List appropriate openings and closings for letters
• Identify ways to conduct a good meeting
• Identify problems with your oral presentation skills and methods to overcome them
• Identify potential problems in resume development and interviewing skills
• Again, list ways to overcome them
• Determine (with others' help?) your listening skills and non-verbal "presence", how can you improve both?
• Think about ways you can present a more professional and warm demeanor
• Discuss appropriate dress and courtesy for the office and different work scenarios
• Consider a list of things to avoid: gun chewing, saying ummm, a poor handshake.
• Make some goals for your long term development as well.

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Please be advised that most of the documentation you provided can only be answered by you because this is geared towards your own personal assessment. Below I am providing additional information that may assist you as you prepare your assignment.


Personal strengths and weaknesses must be clearly defined before you can develop a method for improvement. To adequately assess your strengths and weaknesses you must know the components that revolve around the issues you specified. According to the information you provided in a previous post you stated that your grammar needs improvement. Grammar is very complex; however, you may break down your issues with grammar in order to identify the problem you have with it. Grammar can be broken down into three distinct categories:

Mechanics - rules associated with applying the basic concepts and principles of major and minor punctuation.

Usage - understanding how to use various words i.e. words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings or differ by pronunciation.

Style - the technique and format of the written form of communication being used.

Once you discover a particular grammar component you will be able to explain what your strengths/weaknesses are; why you feel it is so; and what you can do to eliminate weak areas. For example a way to improve upon weaknesses in ...

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Some goals for the long term development is determined. A list of appropriate openings and closings for letters is determined. A personal assessment tip sheet is examined.

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