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    Negotiation Case Study

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    See attachment for Problem.
    -As "Jim", identify the issues and parties to the conflict/negotiation.
    -Assess the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) of all parties, including your own.
    - Identify interests and options.
    -Include thoughts about standards for evaluating proposals. Consider relationship/perception issues.
    -List what commitments all parties would accept for a successful agreement.
    -Include in depth analysis of the issues and integration of negotiation concepts.

    Please make it 3 pages APA style.

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    The situation between Jim entails operation challenges relating towards needed more flexibility - to reaching a desired outcome that all parties are in agreement with completely. Thus, in review of the situation, the main challenge relates towards sufficient staffing during a given period of operation that sustains the business continuity. Joe is struggling to a lot of personal issues that currently is affecting his professional career, in which, Jim have growing impatience to rectify.

    In most businesses, the situation proposed for Jim is to illustrate a strict policy that encourages a way that balances out across the board for everyone. By reviewing the core areas of focuses, the assessment entails the following:

    -As "Jim", identify the issues and parties to the conflict/negotiation.

    The main identifying issues associated with Jim relates towards human resources management for sustaining required staff levels and morale. When work conditions are not in balance, the stress levels for both the management and workforce suffers greatly that can produces low productivity. Moreover, the issues are to making sure assigned supervisors, such as, Joe, fulfill their duties for making the overall operations to meeting objectives. Keep in mind the effectiveness of management relates to communicating the current ...

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