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    Negotiation Process and Business Positioning

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    1. Before and during the negotiation, what specific strategic information does Elizabeth need to discover?
    2. And based on the negotiation process, what is the bargaining zone for the upcoming negotiation.
    3. What is Elizabeth's position, and Rafael's anticipated position?

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    Please see response attached (presented below, but please refer to the Word document for highlighted information), as well as my initial draft analysis of your notes saved as "Elizabeth Penning." My remarks are in red ink. I hope this helps and take care.


    Let's take a closer look:

    1. Before and during the negotiation, what specific strategic information does Elizabeth need to discover?

    Elizabeth needs strategic information on the following:

    1). Her position, what she is willing to give up and what she need to keep (e.g. Give up some of time and focus to advertisers though a telephone conference with advertiser; need to keep her time and focus of checks to make sure the magazine goes out on time)

    2). Rafael's character and potential position - information about how this type of character e.g, Rafael negotiates and strategies in place - see analysis for further detail)

    3). Internal information relevant to the negotiation (e.g., Nate's asking to keep traveling expenses down, Alyssa's position and pressure on Raphael - "We need to get more advertising dollars by any means necessary, and you should do whatever you can to get your potential advertisers to make a commitment to Medical Office Today; power differential between the sales and editorial side; Alyssa's character taken into consideration and how even Nate will back down to her, etc)

    4). Sales goals and how they fit into her position

    (a) To help physicians navigate the challenges of the business side of medicine.
    (b) To manage a profitable private practice (i.e., ...

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    This solution explains the strategic information required before and during the negotiation process. And, based on the negotiation process in the case scenario, it also explains the bargaining zone for the upcoming negotiation and the business positioning of the negotiators.