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Letter to Address a Rude and Unprofessional Instructor

Who can I talk to regarding the instructor for AC410B, Intermediate Accounting II, Mr. Glenn Daniels? His work attitude in the class or/online is very unprofessional. For an example, I have a busy work schedule and I have posted weekly discussion early sometimes. This week for discussion I posted early and a few days later Mr. Glenn Daniels deleted it. He gave me a reason three days later when I asked what happen: "he stated it class policy NOT to post discussions early." This is an unacceptable rule that should be changed. When I talk to Mr. Daniels he is rude, and I feel like I am always on the defensive end of every conversation with him. When you ask for help it takes three days to get an answer.

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Ms. Glass,

Please refer me to the appropriate person to speak with regarding professor issues. I am currently enrolled in AC410B, Intermediate Accounting II, with Mr. Glenn Daniels as a professor. I have experienced multiple professional issues with Mr. Daniels. His work attitude and professional ethic in the classroom and online is completely improper. I have a busy work schedule as many of my peers do while working and attending college, and I have to post weekly discussions early on certain weeks so that I don't miss a discussion deadline. I needed to do so this week, and later realized that ...

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