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Write a short letter explaning how to persuade the instructor to give you an A in the class.

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October 15, 2003

Mrs. Cheryl Foster
San Diego Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111

Dear Mrs. Foster,

Paragraph 1—it is half way through the class (Business Communication)—talk about your experience. (Just make it up)

The following is my list of grades

Document Grade
Introduction Letter 10+ (A)
Routine Letter 9+ (B+)
Intercultural Memo 10- (A-)
Ethos, Logos and Pathos 9+ (B+)
Negative Letter (TBA) 9+ (B+)
Test 1 84%
Test 2 94%

Paragraph 2—Include what grade do you think you are getting right now—Convince instructor to give you an A in the class.

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"This may be something you can research and address. (e.g.: too many A's not enough A's, appropriate distribution of grades, etc.) It may be important to the instructor that your demonstration of how well he is able to teach the students."

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You will need to understand the instructor's needs as well as your own as it pertains to the grades given in the classroom environment.

You will want to explain to the instructor, how giving you an 'A' will produce a good result for you and for the instructor.

One concern of an instructor may be that giving an undeserved grade will not help the student, so it is important to show how an 'A' is deserved and is important to both student and instructor. You will not want to focus on much in the subjective ...

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