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    Important variables to correlate job satisfaction & performance

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    This table shows some of the more important variables that have been shown to correlate with job satisfaction and the degree to which they correlate (weak, moderately, or strong). Anything in here surprise you? For example, there's a moderate negative correlation between heart disease and job satisfaction, meaning that as job satisfaction goes down, heart disease goes up. Another surprising one - as pro-union voting goes down, job satisfaction goes up. Does job satisfaction really correlate with job performance (see also the Myth or Science section on pg 89 of your text for this one).

    As a future manager, which of the key job attitudes - job satisfaction, job involvement, organizational commitment, etc. - would be most important to cultivate in your employees?

    This is some really interesting stuff that has just set off a firestorm among OB researchers. Do you believe that job satisfaction is partly a function of genetics? If so, what do you think about the proposed solution (i.e., selecting for folks who are not predisposed to negativity)? Please, see attachment.

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    In large regard nothing identified on the tables really job out and surprise me. I think if I were making an educated guess and were asked about the specific correlations I would come up with the majority if not the same for all of the specific variables. It is my ...

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    Important variables to correlate job satisfaction and performance are analyzed.