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    Implementing a new performance management program

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    Assist with writing a memo to the Board describing what actions must be taken before the performance management program can be effectively implemented. Discuss the primary goal of each of these interventions and explain how you will know that these goals have been met.

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    When businesses aim to succeed through their employees performing well, the main objective is having a solid performance management program. Companies achieve success by increasing productivity and employee motivation when a well-designed performance management program is implemented. Employees need structure and guidelines to the company's objectives in successfully completing the production of the product or deliverance of service. Thus, the well-designed performance management program outlines the internal metrics each employee must accomplish to reach business goals.

    Once you are able to identify the internal metrics representing each and every task for producing productivity levels necessary in serving the end user/ consumers. In outlining the reasoning to having a solid performance management program is by detecting what oversight of tasks are required to delivering the best output performance. Additionally, the actions to be taken before designing a performance management program are periodic review periods throughout the year that confirms each employee is meeting standards. In doing so, the senior level management team can more sufficiently address areas of needed improvement or promoting top performers that overall improve the company's productivity and profitability. ...

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