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    Employee Benefits: Memo to Management Detailing Benefits Available to Employees

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    Write a memo for upper management to detail options for benefits for employees.


    - Health insurance, time off, retirement/savings plan, work/life benefits
    - Explain the primary strategic consideration for this benefits program
    - Identify another strategic consideration that relates directly to one of the benefits

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    I left some blanks in the beginning because I am not sure what type of company you are or what the specific position is. Fill those in appropriately.

    MEMORANDUM TO: Executive Management Staff
    DATE: December XXX, 2008
    RE: Health Benefits for our _____________

    I am writing this memo to address the importance of the company to provide health benefits for our ________________.

    Since we currently do not offer health insurance to our ____________, we are putting ourselves at risk. How? Our _____________ are working two and three jobs seven days a week to make ends meet due to the high cost of ...

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    The solution is a memo to executive management regarding the advantage of employee health benefits in 435 words.