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    Discussing Global Business Management

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    International Trade: Make a case for and against an establishment of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) between the U.S. and Canada. What are possible effects of such an agreement on North American businesses, North American consumers, and other nations? Are there any impediments to integration between the U.S. and Canada? How might the establishment of the FTAA impact the strategy of North American businesses?

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    - Make a case for and against an establishment of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) between the U.S. and Canada.

    Try and identify the main core elements in association with the Free Trade Area of Americas (FTAA) as the mains for expanding on NAFTA with similarities. Therefore, the case strategy for or against pertains to the position of the individual, such as, business owner, corporation, or worker will have different projections of fairness representation within the FTAA concept. The FTAA correspond to the facilitation of lesser regulation on agriculture, competition, policy, dispute settlement as well as market access (Sice.org 2013). Keep in mind, the FTAA supports reflect their beneficial means in acquiring as much positive outcome for own benefit. Thus, the FTAA is in relation towards empowering corporations to constrain governments on standards within areas that impact others. Some of the key areas of impact by FTAA that empower corporations entail the following:

    a. The standards for public health will lessen the overall regulations and guidelines (Try and think of safety measures that can now reflect a lesser accountability from the company perspective that supports their ...

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    The global business managements are discussed. How the establishment of the FTAA impacts the strategies in North American businesses are given.