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    // In the following paper, we will be discussing some topics precisely, in context of the international marketing management. To start with; we will be explaining the role of global and national economic security in the global and national security: //

    Global and National Security

    Economic security plays a crucial role in both the global and national security. Economic security of the world helps in global security by providing employment to the unemployed. Through an increased trade between the countries, the economic security will also increase and as a result, the income of a lot of nations will too be augmented, people's standard of living will improve and the rate of poverty will also decrease, which in turn, will reduce the gap between the rich and poor. On the other hand, the role of economic security is also in a way affects the national security (International Women Leaders Global Security Summit, 2007). The world security factors and the national security factors are almost the same and in addition, if the national economic security increases, then, it will help in improving the national security by improving the military, police, government, etc. to make the nation free from crime and terrorism (Ronis, 1997).

    // After we have discussed the role of global and national economic security in global and national security, we will now, describe the effects of maintaining the economic security, for national and global security, on the world stability. The ways to minimize the effects will also be described: //

    Economic Security Effect on World Stability

    If the economic security is maintained, in order to secure the whole world, there can be both positive and negative effects on the world stability. Maintaining economic security is useful in stabilizing the rates of poverty, crime rates, employment rates, etc. On the contrary, the negative effects could harm the people's privacy, misuse of resources, in order to maintain economic security, effect of nations' economic security maintenance on each other, etc. To minimize these effects, the government of each nation could unite and form policies to maintain the economic security, considering and analyzing the negative effects arising out of this (Geusau & Adler-Karlsson, 1982).

    // After we have discussed the effects of economic security maintenance on the world stability, we will now, be discussing the political circumstances of global unprecedented business by taking an assumption of being a leader of an organization://

    Political Circumstances of Global Unprecedented Business

    If a global business is started for the first time by an organization, then, a lot of circumstances could arise which can impact it. One of those circumstances that can possibly arise is the political circumstances. To initiate a business which in itself is an innovation, there is a possibility that the government of that nation could restrict a lot of their activities as they may be apprehensive about the set business policies. An innovation may face problems as people, other organizations and government might not too sure about the new ventures. Later, new rules get introduced as other organizations too start entering into the business. On the other hand, the unprecedented business could be wrong at the first place, as well. A leader of the global organization before starting an unprecedented business should prepare for this shift by analyzing all factors, getting the employees trained for this change, changing the organizational policies accordingly and preparing for the possible hurdles that the firm could face. The government might not cooperate or provide resources to the new business, as they generally don't have confidence in a new business venture (Block & McMillan, 2003).

    // After discussing the political circumstances of global unprecedented business, we will in the following section, be providing a personal example to explain the use of professional background for the fellow students and the institution: //

    Use of Professional Background

    My professional background will be very helpful in managing the activities at the institution and imparting proper education to the laws students. It will help in preparing the students to face the growing challenges in the field of law. My various professional skills will focus on enhancing the educational level of the law students and in teaching them the required future skills. These skills are as follow:

    Maturity Skills: The maturity that I have gained in my professional career, will help in inspiring the students to gain better knowledge and will give them guidance about how to lead their own careers in future. Maturity will also help in understanding and predicting the various problems that the law students might face in their professional career. This skill will help in giving them a proper education and understanding of law as a professional career in future (Communication Skills, n.d.). ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2738 words with references.