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Pursuade employees not to join a union

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Discuss examples of what a company might want to discuss with regard to communications to employees to legally pursuade them not to join a union

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An employer obviously can tell their employees what they feel is negative about a union. However, they cannot mistreat them in any form if the employee decides that a union is the route that they choose. I provide the following as to what employers can do:

"What Employers Can Do
You may hold meetings with your employees on company time and property to answer questions and discuss the company's position and unionization. Just make sure the meetings aren't held in a supervisor's office. Talk with employees at their own workstations or in a group meeting. You can also mail literature to the employees' homes, stating the company's position, but be careful what you say.

Here are some of the things you can say:
?Describe the good features of working for your company, such as existing benefits, job security and steady work.
?Remind them that signing union authorization cards ...

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