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I need assistance creating a research paper and powerpoint on government Discussions.
APA specific format of the research paper is required, the paper should be between 5 and 6 double-spaced pages, plus a reference page (not included in the 5 to 6 page count) typed in a 12-pitch font. Please pay particular attention to grammar and punctuation.
All papers must reflect appropriate references for cited works.
Questions to direct the research and guide the paper outline, is provided.
I have included the discussion questions that the paper should reflect and a few references FAR 15.306(d)(1)-(5) and DFARS 215.306(c)(1) and cases to utilize. A template of another paper and powerpoint is provided.

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*Does the government have to discuss the exact same things with each Offeror in discussions?

Consider the need for sharing information for senior level management to provide current information that requires effective choices. Departments within the government requires regulated procedures that provides instructions as well as analysis to prior decision made during procurement, in which, the outcome supports the overall goals of the division and department of personnel. According to FAR 15.306(d) and proper business protocol for efficiency discussions must occur with agencies that are in direct relations with each other that serves:

- both the offeror on their initiative for the project to complete on time and on budget without any negative repercussions in the future and the other corresponding departments that directly or indirectly involved for the facilitation of the project completion.

- try and think in terms that the offeror purpose of obtaining information essential to determine the acceptability of a proposal deals with the sharing element to account for any consequences foretold, such as, but not limited to the miss-calculations of figures, the occasion rebuttals on previous vendors no longer aptitude to the level required by the government agencies.

- thus, keep in mind the final research should implement ways that support the understanding factor across every department to share the same if needed information as well as new information that garner a new understanding to the purpose that discussion by one entity (of an department or group) to providing the offeror an opportunity to revise or allow for needed, on occasion the necessity to modifying proposals. FAR 15.306(d).

*What specific notice regarding weaknesses or deficiencies must be provided to Offerors?
Depending on the agenda, the focus is on each offeror's proposal for efficiency in outlying the main elements of concern, especially, in procurement that requires necessities relating to proper project review, initiation, evaluations, and accountability before project successful close as ...

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The review into procurement dealing with government discussions for proper handling and protocol.