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    Business Law Summary From Outline

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    I. Introduction
    A. Customer service is at the heart of ABC Corporation's mission
    1. Focus is on after-sales service to ensure repeat customers
    2. Each call center handles a multitude of issues
    3. Extremely high expectation that customer issues are resolved
    a. In a timely fashion
    b. To customer's satisfaction
    B. Call center managers are focused on ensuring their call center is the best
    1. Their center handles the most calls
    2. Has the highest-rated customer evaluations
    3. Wins the most recognition for performance
    C. When performance expectations are not met
    1. Kareem's number of customer service calls dropped
    2. Kareem often missing from his workstation
    3. Call center numbers decreased because of numbers 1. and 2.
    4. Observation only by coworker, supervisor and manager
    5. Kareem terminated from employment
    II. Identified direct Stakeholders in conflict
    A. Thomas: Call Center Manager
    1. Runs a tight ship
    a. Holds employees to very high productivity standards
    b. Does not transfer his Corporation's customer service standards to his employees
    2. Recognized year after year for having the most productive unit
    a. Very proud of his unit
    b. Proud of recognition it receives
    3. Janet spoke to Thomas about her observations
    a. Thomas kept an eye on Kareem's performance discovering performance deficiencies
    1. Unproductive work time
    2. Excessive breaks
    3. Not meeting performance standards
    b. After a few weeks made decision to terminate Kareem
    B. Janet: Call Center Supervisor, one of ten in the call center
    1. Works for Thomas and has for some time
    2. Follows Thomas' lead, managing the center and managing the employees
    3. Tends to focus on her work, rarely takes a break, completely dedicated to the
    success of the call center
    4. Began to focus her attention on Kareem's performance after Michael spoke to her
    about his frequent absences from his workstation
    a. Determined his workstation absences were excessive
    b. Spoke with Thomas
    C. Michael: Customer Service Representative
    1. Employed with ABC Corporation for two years
    2. Likes his job, prides himself on surviving this environment, and succeeding
    a. First to know how hard one must work to be successful in this call center
    b. Calls come in nonstop, have to be polite, customers can be very upset at times
    3. Noticed Kareem sitting on a mat, talking to himself, making strange movements
    often throughout the day
    a. Thought all of this was odd
    b. Could not believe how often Kareem was away from his workstation
    c. Reported this to his supervisor, Janet
    D. Kathy: Customer Service Representative
    1. Employed with ABC Corporation for five years but at this call center for about six
    months, became friends with Kareem as they started about the same time
    2. Enjoys her job although environment in this call center can be competitive and
    hostile at times
    3. Performance has always been good, success more of a struggle since joining the
    new call center run by Thomas, always nervous she will lose her job
    4. Saw Kareem leaving his workstation and asked him about it as they were friends
    a. Kareem told her he was a practicing Muslim required to pray five times a
    b. Kareem also told her that before he prays, he has to wash his hands, face,
    arms, and feet to be physically pure in order to spiritually pray
    c. She found this fascinating
    E. Kareem: Customer Service Representative
    1. Employed with ABC Corporation for eight months before being terminated
    2. Hired after an interview process that proved he could manage the workload, had a
    pleasant phone voice, and had a desire to please the customer, and represent the
    company well.
    3. Kareem is of Indian descent, and a practicing Muslim
    a. Religion requires that he pray five times a day
    b. Involves a series of movements (standing, bending, prostrating postures) and
    recitations from the Quran
    III. Kareem consults attorney due to unfair treatment by being terminated
    A. Attorney sent letter to ABC Corporation
    B. ABC Corporation's Employee Relations contacted

    Conclusion: Employee Relations representative to investigate Kareem's concern of
    unfair treatment regarding his termination

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    Customer service is at the heart of ABC Corporation's mission, with a focus on after-sales service to ensure repeat customers, solving any problems to satisfy the customer. So, call center performance expectations were not met when Customer Service Representative Kareem's number of customer service calls decreased, and he was often found missing from his workstation.
    However, in this example, one can identify direct ...

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    This is a statement of events that led to an employee's termination from his job as call center representative due to practicing religion during work hours. Another issue is a question of the effectiveness of observation procedures to determine fitness for the job.