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Analysis of Gaming Laws in Massachusetts

Please provide assistance when reading the three articles on gaming laws for Massachusetts, synthesize the articles and give a brief overview of gaming laws. Any direction would be much appreciated.

The three articles I am looking at can be found at the following links:

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After reading the articles, this is an outline of the laws. You will need to put in the specifics as you see them.

- Massachusetts is getting into the gaming business. The state is allowing the creation of three full gaming resorts, one in each of three regions and one slot machine casino to be located anywhere in the state. Each article deals with a specific aspect of those new casinos and their rules and regulations. The legislation to establish a commission and for the work of a commission to begin, has passed in the state of Massachusetts. The New York legislation continues to move through their process.

- While casinos and gaming are showing decreases in profitability, Massachusetts continues to move forward with their plans. The gaming commission has been approved with five members and hiring for the ...

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The solution assists with providing an analysis of gaming laws in Massachusetts.