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Workplace Discrimination

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Is all discrimination in employment illegal or unethical? Explain. Provide two examples of workplace discrimination that you believe are legal or ethical.

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Not all discrimination is illegal or unethical. This is because many and all places do discriminate in some form or other. For example, a business can do so legally and ethically by giving a person a raise, and for others to not get one based off ...

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This solution discussed whether or not employment discrimination is legal or illegal with two examples.

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A Discussion of Workplace Discrimination

Please assist me with NOTES and IDEAS with getting this one started. I went with gender, racial and equal pay discrimination.

- Compose a background statement that indicates why workplace discrimination is of importance in terms of social concern or theoretical interest.
- This is important, because if workplace discrimination is not of importance in terms of theoretical interest or social concern, it likely is not worth researching and trying to resolve.
- Ask yourself why continuing to research this problem is important.

Also include why you think this is a problem and support that with rationale. You will want to state what is affected by the problem and how it is affected (beyond the population first identified in the previous assignment). Then, clearly define why this problem is important in terms of social concerns and theoretical interests specifically. Hint: Perhaps you could review theories that currently exist in research to determine which theory this research could expand upon.

This statement should be 1-3 pages with the remainder being your more detailed explanation of the problem statement with justifying documentation no more than five years old. Support your paper with a minimum of three (3) additional resources.

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