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    Ethical Issues: Marko Consulting for two competing clients

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    Marsha is employed at Marko Consulting and is doing work for a major client that is testing a new product. During the project, the client discovers that its competitor, a smaller company, is also coming out with a very similar product. Marko Consulting is conducting research for the competitor as well. The client goes to Marsha's boss asking for details on Marko's research for the competitor. Her boss tells Marsha to provide the information. Should Marsha provide the data? Why or why not?

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    Firstly, the fact that Marko is doing work for both competitors on similar products raises all sorts of red flags for me. While it is possible, it will be extremely difficult for the firm to remain objective and do an equally good job for both customers in my opinion.

    To the question at hand, however: should Marsha provide the data to the customer about the other ...

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    The solution discusses the circumstances surrounding the situation of Marko Consulting having two competing clients who request information about the other. The ethical responsibility of Marko Consulting is the primary focus of the question, and the solution outlines the actions that should be taken towards a logical resolution, as well as the reasoning behind it.