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    Ethical areas of the web

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    Discuss some of these other ethical areas of the web:

    A. Gambling over the internet

    B. Fraud - list and discuss fraud over the internet. How can you protect yourself and others and/or your company?

    C. Buyer protection - what is a buyer's right and protection. Why?

    D. Sellers protection - should a seller over the web have rights and protection or just a buyer? Why?

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    A. Gambling - The internet is filled with many online gambling websites - many are legitimate, others are scams. There are some issues with online gambling - how can you tell which are legitimate, and which will steal your money? Also, there are many small legal issues with online gambling - for example, how much money do you need to put into an account? If you win money, can you withdraw it, or do you need to play a certain number of hands? Do they pay your winnings out in cash, on your credit card, or do you get store credit.
    Also, there could be problems with addictions, if you are at your computer, by yourself, it is hard to stop playing - unlike a physical casino when you go and interact with people, you are at home, at any time of the day, it could become a horrible habit. Since you can use your credit card ...

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    A discussion of gambling, buyer protection, seller protection, and fraud over the internet and their associated ethical issues.