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Relationship Communication Analysis

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Use the website material at http://www.noogenesis.com/game_theory/johari/johari_window.html to help you with this assignment. Review the Appendix of your Course Guide, which describes the Johari Window, a model of human interaction. Complete Exercises One, Two, and Three on your own. In the discussion forum, evaluate Exercise Three by answering the following questions.

* What did this exercise reveal to you about the relationship you selected to analyze?
* Does the relationship need changing, or are you comfortable with the relationship and the communication as it is?

The Johari Window Workplace Assessment Worksheet:

Exercise 3

In terms of the Johari Window concept, analyze a relationship you have with one other person in your workplace. This relationship can be with a supervisor/subordinate, a co-worker, or an outside vendor or supplier. Use the information from the Johari Window Reading: Exercise 1 to complete this exercise. On the scale horizontal scale below, rate the degree to which you disclosed information about yourself to this individual (with 1 being no disclosure of personal information and
9 being "we have no secrets from each other") and draw a vertical line from that number to the bottom of the window. Then, do the same on the vertical scale, and draw a horizontal line from that number to the far right of the window. Remember that when you make one quadrant of the Johari Window bigger, you make another quadrant smaller. After completing this exercise, you should have a visual picture of your relationship with this individual. What did this exercise reveal to you about that relationship? Does the relationship need changing, or are you comfortable with the relationship and the communication as it is?

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The relationship I analyzed was with my boss. It was very open. We both know a lot about each other since we are childhood friends. I have few hidden things and she knows only a little about me that I don't know myself, though what she "knows" seems more odd to me than true. That ...

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