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    Communication and Personality in Negotiation Situation

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    I want to prepare a response which describes a negotiation situation that one would have participated in (e.g., sale/purchase of a house, car, salary, etc.). In the answer, be sure to analyze the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contributed to or detracted from the negotiation. With two references

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    This guide will discuss the role of the negotiator and what negotiation skills I used to make the deal come to fruition and at the price I wanted. In 2008, I decided the time was right to purchase a home of my own. This was a new experience for me in the purchase but not a new experience to me in the role of negotiator.

    "Every part of our business and life requires negotiation skills. The ability to negotiate will increase our successes, open up opportunities, and improve relationships. Negotiating skills are not part of this country's formal education, though negotiation is used more often than math skills, every day. These skills create the core of our professional and personal lives." (Walters 2007)

    First Step - Evaluation through Clear Communication - Prior to any negotiation, the product that will be negotiated needs to be located. The first step in negotiations is to be clear as to what is wanted. If the message is not clear, time will be wasted on the parts of all parties involved. (Watkins 2003) I worked with a realtor and advised the realtor what my specifications were and also advised not to show me any home that did not meet specifications as directed.

    Second Step - Role Reversal - During this step, I was brought to look at many homes by my realtor. When negotiating, all steps are important. While viewing the properties, I put myself in the shoes of the seller. (Watkins 2003) If I were the seller, what would my bottom line price be? Is the seller relocating due to a new job or loss of job? Is the seller in debt and cannot afford the home any longer? Is the house now too big or too small for the seller? These points are important as I, the purchaser, will determine a price based on these factors. If the ...