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    Business: Crisis Communication Management

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    You have just been hired as a risk management manager for a large not-for-profit organization. How would you determine the areas of greatest vulnerability to experiencing crisis situations for this place of employment?

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    Please find tutorial and help for determining the area of greatest vulnerability to experiencing crisis situations in the attached file.

    Running Head: RISK MANAGEMENT

    Risk Management in Not For Profit Organization

    Not-for-profit organization operates for charitable or educational reasons (Drucker & Drucker, 2004). There are various areas that might be vulnerable to crisis situation in a not-for-profit organization. As a risk management manager, following areas will be assessed to identify associated risk at not-for-profit organization in different ways.

    Printing Expenses
    Most of the not-for-profit organizations communicate their views and mission through newsletters, magazines, brochures, books etc. These expenses may also create the financial risk for the organization. By comparing expanses from the actual budget and vigilant in monitoring internal control over printing process, risk would be identified for the organization. By analyzing and comparing existing printing vendors, risk factors ...

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