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Performance readiness and teams

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1. Explain how Performance Readiness can be identified in groups and teams and how it can be used within the group/team motivation process. Provide examples.

2. Describe several different types of teams and explain how managers could use each of them to create a competitive advantage for the organization. (10 points)

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A team is a group of individuals who work together towards a stated objective. The first step in performance readiness is for the leader to identity the team's mission or objective.

Performance readiness in teams can be identified by observing the following characteristics:

• Objective--the objective must be clearly stated, and each team member must know how he/she will contribute to the objective. Understanding the objective can help motivate team members to succeed if they agree with the goal.
• Values--stating the objective in terms of values rather than just the steps that need to be completed helps team members to be emotionally involved in the work.
• Leadership--the values projected by the leader must be aligned with the objective. The teams must believe in their tasks. A leader with a values-based approach, and who practices what he/she preaches, can motivate the team better than one who commands.
• Communication--in order to be successful, teams members must communicate well by transmitting information to the necessary members in an organized manner. Feedback is important so that the team can adapt to any unexpected events
• Monitor progress--team members work better if they know that they have made progress. Knowledge that they are a step closer to the objective motivates a team to succeed.
• Team ...

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