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    Marketing Impacts on Society

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    I. Defines and describes how marketing's impacts society, its benefits and detriments, related ethical issues, and concerns.
    2. Also, what are the positive and not so positive things in marketing.
    3. Present a general consideration of how marketing affects society, and conversely the implications of societal and ethical considerations on marketing strategy.

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    I. Define and describe how marketing impacts society, its benefits and detriments, related ethical issues, and concerns.

    Since marketing is basically perceived to be the process of endorsing/promoting goods and/or services, its impact to society is seen via the acquired habits of a people as a result. The impact is especially manifest as a product of the marketing campaign for a certain good or service and how people within society takes after it. For example, if Coca-Cola comes up with a new brand which picks up well say, with children, its impact would be seen via the consumption habits where there are children. Probable the single largest benefits of marketing is the fact that it makes consumers aware of products and services that they may not have previously been aware of and which are actually good for them. For example, there could be a new drug in the market that contains or heals a certain ailment where previous drugs have failed. The benefit is that now consumers would be aware of this new drug and use it to the betterment of their health.

    Just as much as there are benefits to marketing, it also has its detriments. The main detriments could include such elements as deceptive practices. Through this, marketers can falsely sell information about a good or service whose message is absolutely not true of what it claims to ...

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